Wedding Pi

Oh dear Blog,

I have missed you so. Surely you thought I’d abandoned you. Well,… no such luck!

I’ve been driving myself (Uh, and everyone else.)CRAZY for the last few months, planning my wedding. Yes, I said it. Wedding! After 11 years together, my sweetheart and I have decided to tie the knot. I’m so excited and now that we have made the official announcement to our families, there is no good reason to hold it all in. AAAAHHHHH, I feel much better now.

There has also been some crafting mayhem going on around studioaprilrose. It is not unusual for me to have multiple projects going on all at once but as of late I think I’ve been turbo charged. First and foremost is the Wedding Pi. Typically, when one think wedding one thinks of cake. For my wedding I knew I wanted Pi. I don’t mean desert. I’m talking about Pythagoras and the fact that a circle doubles in circumference at very specific intervals. Why is this important and what does this have to do with weddings?

This is a knit, lace, circular shawl. It’s design and construction are based on the theory of Pi. I’m not the creative genius behind this. For more info check out Elizabeth Zimmermann and her legendary “Pi Shawl”. Once you understand the basic concept the possibilities are endless, regarding patterning. As long as you increase at the proper intervals, you may incorporate any stitch pattern you wish (which fits) and your shawl will be a perfect circle. Or in my case my veil. Did I mention that’s what this is going to be used for? The photo above was taken during the “blocking” stage. Which is the stretching the finished garment out to the desired size, part of the project. Oh my, and it’s important.  I’m pleased as punch to have this Pi at our wedding. As for all the other things going on….you’ll have to wait n see….