Craft Madness continued

Although “Craft Madness” has come to an end, there is still so much going on in the craft studio. I have recently fallen in love with hair flowers. You know. Pretty fabric flowers, attached to bobby pins or clips and worn in the hair with red lipstick… OK, I LOVE red lipstick, not everyone else has to. I searched our local stores and never found any that I liked, if I could ever find any at all. I decided to try and make one. My first attempt was a flop. The plastic bits on the back of the flower caused it to be raised in an way that made the flower lie awkwardly on my head. I promptly decided I should remove said bits. Immediately upon doing this, my flower fell apart. I supposed that some of those bits were crucial to support the flowers shape. Trial, error and stubborn persistence eventually led me to…

Sturdy and Purdy, these flowers aint fallin’ apart no more!  I get compliments every time I go out. These things are just so cool. Girls have said, “I wish I could pull that off, I love your flower”. Are you kidding me ANYONE can wear one…or two.  ;-D