Devil’s Claw

I wanted to get out this week and take some new photos. I didn’t get a chance so I thought I would share a photo that I took last summer. The Rio Grande Nature Center has a little butterfly garden, in one area the staff has hung a bunch of these large seed pods on some fencing. The little ornamental fence happens to be lovingly make of pruned, discarded branches So awesome that nothing goes to waste! They caught my eye and I had to take a photo. I’ve heard these seed pods called “Devils Claw” although my boyfriend insists their called “Cat’s Claw”. Either way, I think they look pretty cool.

A Saturday Along the Rio Grande

Spring is almost here. This Saturday was sunny, balanced by a cool breeze. It seemed like a perfect day to spend outside. So the family and I, with Chihuahua in tow, headed  out the door. We decided to spend some time at the Rio Grande Nature Center  It’s located in the “Bosque”, or Gallery Forrest which flanks the river. The Sandi Mountains are the backdrop and the trails provide for garden nooks and quiet, private feeling spaces throughout. We love to visit here. The actual Visitor Center is great too. We’ll be spending more time here, when the gardens are in bloom and the canopy is full and green. 

I took this photograph with a greater appreciation for the beauty of this place. This area is protected, but there are others like it which are giving way to fire and encroachment.