Wedding Bliss or emm Wedding Planning Bliss

As I think about my upcoming nuptials and all that the event encompasses, I realize…I’VE GOT TO GET BUSY. I Planed the favors a long time ago but putting a menu on each table sudently struck me as a good idea. I mean, I want to know what I’m eating…most of the time. It’s also a way to add another layer of decoration to the table but in a very utilitarian way. That concept appeals to me. I like things to look nice but not just for the sake of looking nice. There has to be some functionality as well. I used a download-able template which I found, for free on There is also a template for the matching place-cards.  That Martha! The website is great if only for inspiration. 

I printed all the menus then backed them with red card stock, added some red brads and did the same with the place-cards. They look so nice although they were a lot of work.

A Non Craft Related Post, But don’t Wine

Last weekend, I participated in what is becoming a tradition for my fiance and myself. Even though it has been a tradition in itself for a very long time. The New Mexico Wine Festival at Bernalillo is in it’s 23rd year. The town of Bernalillo is just about 10 mi. to the north of Albuquerque, my beloved home sweet home. The city of Albuquerque is in Bernalillo County although the town of Bernilillo is located in Sandoval County. This messes some people up, I know. But, I digress. Bernalillo has a long tradition of wine making, as do most hispanic families throughout the southwest as we are decendants of the Spanish who came to these regions in the 1700s. The production of wine during prohabition continued because of the need of sacrificial wine to be used in the Catholic church. Or at least that was the excuse anyway. Being in a rural area, where it was not easy to travel great distances due to the terrain, we became somewhat secluded. I think this is to our bennifit as we were able to retain many old Spanish traditions and dialects. People here are like no where else, thats for sure. And neither are the views.

There were loads of food venders, live music, wine for sale by the glass and bottle, artists and crafts people and even a kid friendly play area with jumpers and the like.  As you can see, there were all sorts of folks out enjoying a glass of vino and the New Mexico sunshine. I particularly liked this guys hat, but then I had to tell him to put a cork in it.

And if you like hats, this is the place to be. It’s gotten kinda like the Kentucky Durby. Some to to the extreame. I saw some girls that looked like their hat was going to eat them alive. Just some HUGE sun hats! But I love hats so I look for any excuse to slap one on.

Woo Hoo and we had so much fun. Can’t wait until next year.

Hair Flower Addiction

I still really love making and wearing these hair flowers. All I’ve got to say is…addicted.

Recently I was  “Lucky” enough to be featured in a treasury on For those of you who don’t know about ETSY yet (surely there are a few), I’ll explain:

Etsy is a place where artists and craftspeople of all types and using just about any media possible can sell their work. It’s a place to find anything handmaid or vintage. And I mean ANYTHING. Oh yeah, one more thing. Did I mention it’s awesome. A treasury is a themed collection compiled by fellow etsy users (etsians).

I’m feelin’ darn lucky myself, being included in this treasury.There are lots of beautiful items highlighted here and you owe it to yourself to check them out. It will brighten up you day.

The item that I created is the “Lucky Kid” (bottom right corner). I hand embroidered this shamrock and banner stating the obvious. This kid is lucky! 

Craft Studio on Bloom

basically, I love these things! I wear them to dinner, the park, movies, around the house…

Part of the fun is looking for new flowers and colors. I attach a felt backing with 100% cotton quiting thread of the highest quality and add a simple bobby pin. They are a fun and easy way to dress up jeans or that little black dress. I’ve been obsessed with making and sharing them.  

Craft Madness continued

Although “Craft Madness” has come to an end, there is still so much going on in the craft studio. I have recently fallen in love with hair flowers. You know. Pretty fabric flowers, attached to bobby pins or clips and worn in the hair with red lipstick… OK, I LOVE red lipstick, not everyone else has to. I searched our local stores and never found any that I liked, if I could ever find any at all. I decided to try and make one. My first attempt was a flop. The plastic bits on the back of the flower caused it to be raised in an way that made the flower lie awkwardly on my head. I promptly decided I should remove said bits. Immediately upon doing this, my flower fell apart. I supposed that some of those bits were crucial to support the flowers shape. Trial, error and stubborn persistence eventually led me to…

Sturdy and Purdy, these flowers aint fallin’ apart no more!  I get compliments every time I go out. These things are just so cool. Girls have said, “I wish I could pull that off, I love your flower”. Are you kidding me ANYONE can wear one…or two.  ;-D

Wedding Pi

Oh dear Blog,

I have missed you so. Surely you thought I’d abandoned you. Well,… no such luck!

I’ve been driving myself (Uh, and everyone else.)CRAZY for the last few months, planning my wedding. Yes, I said it. Wedding! After 11 years together, my sweetheart and I have decided to tie the knot. I’m so excited and now that we have made the official announcement to our families, there is no good reason to hold it all in. AAAAHHHHH, I feel much better now.

There has also been some crafting mayhem going on around studioaprilrose. It is not unusual for me to have multiple projects going on all at once but as of late I think I’ve been turbo charged. First and foremost is the Wedding Pi. Typically, when one think wedding one thinks of cake. For my wedding I knew I wanted Pi. I don’t mean desert. I’m talking about Pythagoras and the fact that a circle doubles in circumference at very specific intervals. Why is this important and what does this have to do with weddings?

This is a knit, lace, circular shawl. It’s design and construction are based on the theory of Pi. I’m not the creative genius behind this. For more info check out Elizabeth Zimmermann and her legendary “Pi Shawl”. Once you understand the basic concept the possibilities are endless, regarding patterning. As long as you increase at the proper intervals, you may incorporate any stitch pattern you wish (which fits) and your shawl will be a perfect circle. Or in my case my veil. Did I mention that’s what this is going to be used for? The photo above was taken during the “blocking” stage. Which is the stretching the finished garment out to the desired size, part of the project. Oh my, and it’s important.  I’m pleased as punch to have this Pi at our wedding. As for all the other things going on….you’ll have to wait n see….

Taos Pueblo Homes

I travel to Taos, NM at least once a year. I love to knit. So, wild horses couldn’t keep me away form the Taos Wool Festival in October. We had never visited the pueblo. It’s something everyone should do if given the chance. It’s a historic place and many people still live here. Modern homes abound but some of these older dwellings are still occupied.

A Perfect Little Koi Pond

I took this photo while visiting another of my favorite places. The Albuquerque Botanical Gardens. This particular pond is right at the entrance and I always make a point to stop and enjoy the beautiful Koi and water lilies. Not to mention the occasional Bull Frog.

Winter Fountain

I took this photo in my mom’s backyard. I loved the colors that day. I guess the sun was shining just right. I loved the ice and the way the light shone through it. I’m glad I did take this picture because as it got colder, both pots cracked and crumbled. So, this is the only way this waterfall can ever look like this again. And I captured it. I printed this as a 16”x20” and it looks amazing. I’ve got this and others listed for sale in my esty shop.  ;-D  

Spring Has Sprung

Today is the first day of Spring. Weather can be strange in the Duke City. Two days ago, the sun was shining and it almost felt like summer. Now, it’s cold. It’s shifted from sunny to rainy to snowy, all within a day. I can’t say I hate it. I guess its just Mother Nature’s way of keeping us on our toes. Plus, it’s a welcome change from the usual heat of summer that is sure to plague us soon enough.  Although it is still too cold to sow seeds outside, it is just the right time to sow them indoors. The little guys in the photo sprouted up within a couple of days, on the windowsill.  I’m looking forward to the way these flowers smell, look and give us a little additional privacy out in the yard. I’ll post pics along the way, as my dead yard slowly becomes my little desert jungle.

For St. Patrick’s sake

 I didn’t get to have any green beer, although I wanted some. No one pinched me, even though I didn’t wear any green. This I am grateful for. But, I am currently knitting something green (Pics are soon to follow),  And,I do have a photo to post, which I took last summer and named “Green”. It seems fitting that I share it today. So, hopefully this makes up for some of my lack of St. Paddy’s Dayness. 

Devil’s Claw

I wanted to get out this week and take some new photos. I didn’t get a chance so I thought I would share a photo that I took last summer. The Rio Grande Nature Center has a little butterfly garden, in one area the staff has hung a bunch of these large seed pods on some fencing. The little ornamental fence happens to be lovingly make of pruned, discarded branches So awesome that nothing goes to waste! They caught my eye and I had to take a photo. I’ve heard these seed pods called “Devils Claw” although my boyfriend insists their called “Cat’s Claw”. Either way, I think they look pretty cool.

A Saturday Along the Rio Grande

Spring is almost here. This Saturday was sunny, balanced by a cool breeze. It seemed like a perfect day to spend outside. So the family and I, with Chihuahua in tow, headed  out the door. We decided to spend some time at the Rio Grande Nature Center  It’s located in the “Bosque”, or Gallery Forrest which flanks the river. The Sandi Mountains are the backdrop and the trails provide for garden nooks and quiet, private feeling spaces throughout. We love to visit here. The actual Visitor Center is great too. We’ll be spending more time here, when the gardens are in bloom and the canopy is full and green. 

I took this photograph with a greater appreciation for the beauty of this place. This area is protected, but there are others like it which are giving way to fire and encroachment.

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